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Internet Phones & VoIP Telephone Systems Australia

The telecommunications system that your company uses inevitably has a profound effect on the way your company operates, and ultimately on its financial success. This is because communication between people is the very basis of any business, whether it’s the transactions between you and your customers or the strategic discussions between your employees. 

In both of these cases and in every case in between, strong and professional communication can be the difference between a productive, successful business and a failing one – and in all cases, telephone calls are an essential part of the process.

Particularly in countries like Australia, where customers, suppliers and employees are often vast distances apart, the ability to engage in swift and professional telecommunication is absolutely vital for the success of any activity. 

Whether your businesses are a large corporation or a small, family-run firm, a top quality telecommunications system is something you simply can’t function effectively without. And yet for many businesses, telecommunications systems are a source of great stress and hassle – not to mention financial cost. 

Naturally, it is worth finding the perfect telecommunications system to suit your particular business, and to purchase it from a supplier that with a reputation for quality, professionalism and integrity.

At ALINK, we pride ourselves on providing well-matched solutions to our customers’ telecommunications problems. 

Our internet phone system is easy to use and entirely practical, enabling businesses to have access to the very best VoIP internet phone technology at affordable prices.

VoIP Phone Systems vs Traditional Systems

One of the first things to do when you’re thinking about investing in a new telecommunications system is to consider the areas in which your existing system is lacking. If you’re using a traditional phone-line system, the chances are you’re dealing with a host of problems that set you back from your competitors. 

Not only is it difficult to deal with any volume of calls using such a system, it’s also completely detached from your company databases, meaning that when customers call you’re likely to have to put them on hold while you search for the relevant information to deal with their particular requests. 

The whole process is extremely difficult, long-winded and frustrating for everyone involved – and in today’s market, where customers are used to dealing with businesses with fully integrated communications systems, putting people on hold and making them wait for any length of time can be damaging to your customer service reputation.

As well as being out-dated and ineffective, traditional telecommunications systems tend to be more expensive than modern VoIP internet phone systems. If you’re currently using a traditional system, you’re probably shocked at the end of each month to see the amount of money your company is spending on its phone bill. 

But if, like many people, you believe that investing in a modern phone system would only cause your costs to continue to rise, you’ll be glad to discover that you’re mistaken.

Benefits of VoIP Telephone Systems

Unlike traditional systems that send conversations via the phone-lines, VoIP telephone systems operate entirely using the internet. The voice data is packaged up and sent to its destination via your company’s intranet. Once it arrives, it is unpackaged so the person on the other end of the line can hear it.

There are many benefits to VoIP phone systems. The first benefit is obvious: the cost. They’re not expensive to purchase, and once bought they allow you to know exactly how much you’ll be spending each month on your phone bill. 

Unlike traditional phone-line systems, the VoIP phone systems operate according to a package that you decide upon in advance with your provider. The package is suited to the needs of your particular company. It provides you with as much data as you need to make and receive all the phone calls you require, and the monthly cost is almost always substantially less than the average monthly phone bill.

As well as being more affordable than their traditional counterparts, VoIP phone systems are also considerably more practical. Because they’re fully integrated with your company intranet and databases, VoIP phones give your staff immediate access to all the information they need about a customer, supplier or colleague the moment they receive a call from them – so rather than wasting time looking through files and databases, your staff can get straight on with solving problems and making things happen.

And because ALINK’s VoIP telephone systems are so intuitive and responsive, absolutely no staff training is required. 

With a basic knowledge of IT and telephones, anyone can use a VoIP telephone and utilise all the useful functions, such as call forwarding, placing a call on hold (with relaxing music), and starting a video conference. 

With VoIP telephone systems, both the way your staff interact with each other and the way they interact with customers and suppliers will be substantially enhanced, from day one.

Never Miss Another Call with a VoIP Telephone System

If you could find out how much money you’ve lost due to missed opportunities that resulted from missed calls – either by you or by your employees – you’d probably by both shocked and horrified. 

Not only does missing important calls often lead to losing money immediately, it often also seems unprofessional – which leads to damage to your reputation which can take a long time to repair.

With VoIP phone systems, neither you nor your staff will ever have to miss a call again. Whatever you’re doing and wherever your schedule has taken you, you’ll be able to log in to the VoIP internet phone system and receive calls as if you were sat at your desk.

VoIP Internet Phone Systems Set-Up and Ongoing Support

When you buy an internet phone system with ALINK, we don’t just sell you the product. We’ll also send someone to set everything up from you, and we’ll provide constant monitoring and management of your system to ensure you’re always in business.

For the most reliable VoIP phones in Australia, let ALINK take care of your telecommunications needs. Contact a member of our friendly team today for more information.

ALINK is Australia's leader in VoIP telephone systems. We specialise in VoIP business phone systems, 3CX phone systems, VoIP office phone systems, VoIP line systems and business phone systems.
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ALINK is Australia's Leading Provider of VoIP Phone Systems

ALINK is an Australian specialist in Managed IT Services. Our business can provide your business with everything needed to be certain your IT and communications infrastructure are the best available. We also supply all the support services necessary to keep these systems up and running efficiently.

Listed below, you will find descriptions of some of the services provided by ALINK in Australia. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Townsville.

Internet Services

ALINK offers cost competitive Internet services that are specially designed for high demand business customers. This is a different level of Internet service to that provided at the consumer level. You'll experience faster speeds, less congestion, and business-oriented support services.

Getting your Internet service provided by ALINK means you get service you can rely on, and the confidence that comes from knowing you can get direct support from industry experts who are dedicated to helping you.

Website Hosting

You can buy your Internet domain name and host your website with ALINK. We have hosting solutions to suit all budgets, and because we're a dedicated business network, that means you're assured of top quality. Consumer level hosting means crowded servers, resulting in high network latency. Business level hosting like you get from ALINK puts you in the fast lane.

VOIP Phone Systems

We get you connected and we keep you connected. One of the biggest advantages we can provide you with is the very best VOIP telephone systems available in Australia. VOIP phones can save you thousands on your outbound calls, especially if you regularly make international calls.

A VOIP telephone works by using your Internet connection. The VOIP Internet phone can connect directly to other VOIP enabled telephones and computers, or it can also connect to regular phone services via signal translation that is handled automatically by the VOIP software.

The concept of an Internet phone system is not new, but most Australian businesses were slow to take advantage of the benefits offered by the VOIP phone system technology because some communications networks were initially resistant to offering number portability to VOIP users. Obviously VOIP use impacts the revenue of communications networks that make money from selling timed long distance calls.

Because VOIP calls take place across the Internet, the phone companies don't route the calls, and therefore can't bill them the way they have traditionally done. However, as expected, demand for VOIP phones in Australia has been so heavy that the phone companies have had to accept that the technology is here to stay.

Your business needs a VOIP phone system so you are not disadvantaged compared to competitors when it comes to communications costs.

Disaster Recovery

Keeping your data safe is not just good sense, it's mandatory. ALINK keeps your data safe by constantly backing up everything to secure offsite locations. This way there is no disaster that can wipe out your data.

Talk to ALINK today

We are here to help you with smarter business communications services that meet the needs of modern Australian businesses. Your business can benefit from smoother communications and lower communications costs, and ALINK can help you make these things a reality. Call us today and find out more about the full range of services we offer.
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