The Top 5 Latest Trends In IT

The Top 5 Latest Trends In IT

Technology has changed drastically over the past several years. There are some hot trends that can improve productivity, enhance security, and provide considerably more convenience than ever. Understanding these trends will help you to implement them within your own operations. Here are the five most recent trends in IT that you should know.

Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that provides all of your employees with Office products. They do not need to install the software on their computer. Instead, they would have a login where they can access Word, Excel, Outlook, and more. The primary benefit to this is that your employees can work from anywhere. A secondary benefit is that there are a variety of add-ons that you can utilize with Office 365. This will allow you to collaborate more effectively with your co-workers. You can minimize the number of physical meetings that you have and you may not need to travel to other locations as often since various online whiteboards and shared documents with multiple users don't require everyone to be in the same room.

Cloud Backup

You have to consider what would happen if there was a fire at your location. What would happen to your server with all of the company data? What about when you have left work and you realize that you need a specific file? Cloud backup gives you access to all of the files that you need by simply logging in. You have access at any time at any location as long as you have an internet connection.

Business VoIP

VoIP, also known as Voice over IP, is a way to make phone calls over a digital connection. This ensures that customers don't get a busy signal when they call you. It also allows your employees to take calls using a headset while eliminating a phone from their desk entirely. It makes it easier to multi-task, make long-distance calls, and track the length of calls so that you can see which employees are more productive. Additionally, you can record calls easier, which can lead to having more training sessions with your employees.

The Use of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a cross between reality and virtual reality. Often, it allows certain virtual components to be interwoven with real life. People can use apps, glasses, and more to be able to interact with brands more effectively. This includes touring a hotel or resort without stepping foot onto the property. It also provides in-store experiences where shoppers can "try" things on without ever going into a changing room.


It can be difficult to provide one-on-one conversations with everyone. However, the goal is always to try. Chatbots are enhancing the user experience considerably. Natural language bots are being used as a way of automating customer service. They can be used in apps, social media, messengers, and more. They recognize what your customers want and provide them with basic answers. Thus, you can reduce the amount of time your employees are spending on customer service phone calls.

There are all sorts of trends developing on a regular basis. You can reduce headaches that stem from outdated systems, poor call quality, and even a general lack of connectivity by introducing new hardware and software solutions into your business. Many of the solutions are affordable, too, allowing you to make updates that you didn't think were possible.

When you're ready to see how some of these trends can make a difference within your operations, contact ALINK. Our professional consultants are the go-to in tech throughout Australia and can help you to create an IT transformation that will help your business grow.