Tracy Currie // National Infrastructure Services

"We migrated to ALINK 3 years ago, coinciding with a total IT refresh. Moving to a fully managed IT service has not only given us control of our IT budget but also provided us with business security, knowing all our systems and backups are monitored and upgrades and patches applied. We now have our ...Read More

Martin Galea // Principle Conveyancing

"It was difficult for me to move away from our IT support provider as we had a longstanding relationship. In the end, though, I realised that it was time to join a company that could provide a professional service, with faster outcomes and the infrastructure to stop all our IT headaches and maintain ...Read More

Julie Busuttil // CAMEC

"I made contact with ALINK and met with Eddie Borg, I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Eddie and his team, which provided me with excellent services and product knowledge. The implementation of the 3CX system provided me with the ability to run productivity reports, providing transparency ...Read More

Wayne Philips // Capital Radiology

"When ALINK was first recommended to us by one of our partners, we were aware of the importance of making the right decision concerning IT Support. We needed a professional IT Support company with high levels of expertise and responsiveness. The ability to deliver on time in helping us meet the growing ...Read More

Leigh Esposito // OAPL

"We maintain a strong, ongoing working relationship with Eddie and his team, and our quarterly meetings are key in planning and deploying our remote infrastructure. We travel quite a lot throughout the year, and it has been great to know that the ALINK IT support team is always available whenever we ...Read More

Steve Maher // Urbanedge Homes

"Since engaging ALINK, they have helped us grow to become one of the most successful builders in Melbourne. We certainly would not have been able to achieve our goals in such a short period without their help. Their continuous advice and support has been beyond our expectations. Thanks guys, keep up ...Read More

Leo Varigu // Varigu & Associates

"I can still remember the first day when Eddie walked into my office. Stepping over the tons of documents scattered around the room, he said, "Wouldn't it be nice if you could get to any of these documents with just a click of a mouse?" That was less than three years ago – now, not only is all our ...Read More

Vince Tulio // VT Plumbling

"Hard to believe that a few years back we were still relying on the bundles of paperwork and files scattered all over the office; today I am proud to say that with ALINK’s help we have built an IT infrastructure beyond our expectations and all under budget. Whether it was Servers, Computers, Backup ...Read More

James Peters // ONE80 Finance

"ALINK has recently worked with 180 Finance upgrading our IT systems and infrastructure. Our IT systems are critical for our business which provides commercial finance solutions. ALINK provided us with a great IT Solution and the after sales and support has been outstanding. I highly recommend the Alink ...Read More

Michael Lentini // Lentini Dental

"ALINK provided me with a definite schedule of upgrades and support/maintenance that suddenly made sense and gave a level of fail proofing that I had wanted for 12 years, but no one could do for me. Being in healthcare, network integrity is paramount, ALINK has usually corrected any issues affecting ...Read More

Steve Maher // 8Homes

When you’re trying to focus on growing a business on a large scale LIKE URBANEDGE and EIGHT HOMES, the last thing thing you need is to be worrying about IT systems. The ALINK team has been instrumental in the success of our business growth for more than 13 years. Servers and computer downtime results ...Read More

Zoe Grist // Kingfisher Consulting Group

Sally // Personal Assistant

Karen // Office Manager