The Best VoIP Systems & Lines in Australia

In a highly globalized market, you need a versatile communications solution.

Still stuck in the traditional telephony system that cannot give you the competitive edge? Worried about how much you will spend in getting a new system? Or mounting phone bills starting to get out of hand? ALINK can help. Talk to us about getting enterprise level Business VoIP that will not break the bank.

We set up, monitor and maintain VoIP phone systems for businesses across New Zealand and Australia. This solution can lower expenditures and improve communications and collaboration for your organisation. All for a cost-effective price that fits right in your budget.
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The Best VoIP Systems & Lines in Australia

In business, communication is key. From ensuring that all your team are on the same page to building and maintaining valuable relationships with key clients, strong communication is an essential dimension of any successful enterprise. 

In the modern world, it is simply impossible to keep up with competition without a quality and reliable telecommunications system – especially in a country like Australia, where your customers and employees are often vast distances from each other and are unable to communicate in person.

If your current telephone system makes it hard for your customer service team to ensure that each individual customer is treated with unrivalled professionalism and care, and/or you’ve noticed that your business is paying out huge amounts of money on phone bills and you’re looking for a more sustainable long-term solution to your telecommunication needs, VoIP systems will revolutionise the way you do business.

VoIP Lines Mean a Better Service, Lower Costs

Unlike traditional phone systems that send conversations via phone lines, VoIP systems work by packaging up data and sending it through the internet to be unpackaged at the other end. 

In practice, this means that a VoIP line lets you make phone calls using just the internet – so rather than pay extortionate phone bills, you can establish a fixed monthly price for the amount of data you need and work out a package that is affordable for your business.

And even though VoIP systems work out cheaper than traditional phone systems, they nonetheless offer a matchless service. As they’re integrated with your company computers and intranet, they allow your customer service department to have immediate access to information about customers when they call – so no longer will your valued customers be asked to hold for large periods of time while your staff rush to deal with their requests.

We Supply Australia's Best VoIP Lines

However, on those occasions when you do still need to put someone on hold or redirect their call elsewhere, VoIP systems still serve to make everything easier. 

Never before has it been so quick and intuitive to handle multiple calls at once, forward a call on to someone else, or play music to a caller whilst they’re on hold. In short, the best VoIP systems can serve to completely revolutionise your customer service. 

Australia's Leading Provider of VOIP Systems

If your business is considering upgrading its phone technology, installing a VOIP line is one of the smartest moves you can make. It's also incredibly smart to source your VOIP from ALINK, because we have the best VOIP systems in Australia.

The VOIP systems sold by ALINK are made with really clever technology that will put your business right on the cutting edge. Your staff will enjoy a smoother workflow, your customers will receive improved service, and your business will potentially save money on call costs. With all the advantages available, it is clear to see why this is the best VOIP system to install in your business.

How a VOIP line works

VOIP is an acronym that stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol", which as the name implies, means that calls are routed through the Internet instead of through a standard telephone exchange.

Effectively this means, apart from your Internet costs, your phone calls are free. If you have ever used Skype, then you have already experienced VOIP in action.

A dedicated VOIP telephone system is even better than Skype, because it allows you to use a telephone in the normal way, while also using your computer for what it was designed to do. If you had to relay all your calls through Skype, then the Skype service would be using resources on your computer. You would also potentially be exposed to any security vulnerabilities that Skype may present.

As any IT administrator worth his or her salt will tell you, your goal on any computer system is to have the bare minimum of applications and services running. This is firstly because it makes more computing resources available for the tasks you need to perform, and secondly because each individual application and service represents a new security risk. Less applications running at one time means less ways for your system to be compromised, and easier detection of security problems.

Using a dedicated VOIP phone system instead of Skype for your VOIP calls is definitely the best way. Why use a third party system like Skype when you can access the best VOIP line directly with no need to include a third party?

When you make a call using VOIP, the technology converts your voice into a digital audio stream, packages it, and sends it over the Internet to its destination. That sounds like slow process, but actually it all happens very quickly.

The advantages of a VOIP System

The main advantage you get from VOIP, apart from the cost savings, is that you can integrate it with your CRM software to retrieve information and record analytic data that will tell you more about the calls you receive.

VOIP technology can also make it possible to automatically route calls to the correct department or individual, based on the number that the call originates form (if it is recognized as a previously established contact).

These are just some of the many advantages VOIP offers. You can find out more about this technology and what it can do for your business by contacting ALINK.

Contact the VoIP System Experts Today

At ALINK, we understand the power of the best VoIP line, so we work with you to ensure we offer the very best VoIP system for your company. From the initial set up to on-going monitoring and maintenance, we can ensure that your new VoIP system gives you the best results. 

Contact a member of our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you deliver outstanding customer service, at a lower price than your existing phone bill.

ALINK is Australia's leader in VoIP telephone systems. We specialise in VoIP business phone systems, 3CX phone systems, VoIP office phone systems, VoIP line systems and business phone systems.
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Don’t miss an important phone call ever again.

ALINK’s Business VoIP solution is not only dependable, flexible and responsive, but can also help to:

  • Reduce costs - using a traditional phone system is actually more expensive than simply routing calls through the Internet
  • Improve customer experience - with the help of features such as call forwarding, On Hold music, video conference, and so much more
  • Enhance employee productivity - no need for lengthy training as the system and interface is user-friendly

Choose the VoIP solution that fits your business needs.

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