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In a highly globalized market, you need a versatile communications solution.

Still stuck in the traditional telephony system that cannot give you the competitive edge? Worried about how much you will spend in getting a new system? Or mounting phone bills starting to get out of hand? ALINK can help. Talk to us about getting enterprise level Business VoIP that will not break the bank.

We set up, monitor and maintain VoIP phone systems for businesses across New Zealand and Australia. This solution can lower expenditures and improve communications and collaboration for your organisation. All for a cost-effective price that fits right in your budget.
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The Best Business Phone Systems in Australia

Every company needs business phone systems throughout their complex to connect employees to each other – and, most importantly, the company to its clients and customers. 

Phone systems for business are extremely important when it comes to ensuring you enjoy long-term success and profitability, and we at ALINK understand that you need the best and most hassle-free system for your office at a great price. 

Whether you’re a small or large company, we can find the business telephone system that is right for you.

If your current phone system is failing to provide the seamless service your team needs to deliver outstanding customer service to your clients, or it’s doing the job but your phone bills are spiralling out of control, our business telephone systems offer the perfect solution.

VoIP Business Telephone System

The right business telephone system is a great asset to any customer service team. At ALINK , our VOIP business telephone systems can transform the entire nature of customer service at your company. 

Rather than putting your customers on hold for long periods of time while they search for the information that will enable them to deal with the customer’s request, your staff will find they have all the information they need about that client at their fingertips as soon as they answer the call. 

Thanks to the fact that VoIP sends conversations over the internet rather than the traditional phone lines, a VoIP business telephone system makes interacting with a customer a fully integrated process – meaning that your valued clients can easily be dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

On those occasions when it is necessary to put a customer on hold, or to redirect their call elsewhere, our business telephone systems make life easier than ever before. 

Because they’re especially designed to be intuitive and responsive, they’re easy to use even without any training. 

Never before has it been so easy to access all the functions you may require when dealing with lots of calls at the same time, allowing your staff to focus less on dealing with technical difficulties at their end – and more on dealing with the needs of your customers.

Never Miss a Call with Our Business Phone Systems

Businesses lose a lot of money as a result of missed opportunities caused by poor communication. Every time you or a member of your staff misses an important call from a potential or existing customer or supplier, it could be costing you money. 

So it’s important to take steps to try and ensure that when a customer calls, there’s someone available to answer.

With traditional business phone systems, this is quite a challenge. Whilst call forwarding and other measures can be put in place to try and reduce the number of occasions calls are missed, no final solution to the problem can ever be found. With our business telephone systems, you’ll be able to log in to the system wherever you are in the world – so if you receive a call in the office, you’ll always be able to answer it.

The benefits to your work life and schedule are numerous: from now on, you and your staff will be free to get on with your jobs even when you’re expecting an important call, safe in the knowledge that whenever it comes – and wherever you are – you’re guaranteed not to miss it.

Small Business Telephone Systems

Small businesses have different and specialised needs when it comes to their business phone systems. At ALINK, we take pride in offering the very best business telephone systems for companies of every size. And we understand that for start-ups, having a reliable phone system can make or break your company.

Building up a customer base and creating a brand is important for a small business, and failing to provide top quality customer service can be fatal when it comes to these endeavours. 

The best customer service is provided by those companies that are swift and professional in communication, so small business telephone systems need to be reliable and fit for purpose.

If your business is just starting out, then your budget will probably be a lot smaller than that of a company that has been established for a long time. One of the large expenses you’ll be facing is your phone bill, and the right business phone system can serve to cut this cost significantly. 

Our small business telephone systems come to you at a lower price than traditional phone systems, and they stay at that fixed price. 

We’ll work with you to find your ideal package, and then you’ll be free to work within those parameters – safe in the knowledge that you know exactly how much you’re going to pay for your phone systems for small business when the end of the month comes around.

Business Phones with easy Set Up and On-going Support

We understand that you can’t always monitor and keep track of every single aspect of your business telephone systems yourself. At ALINK, we don’t just provide you with a product and leave you to your own devices.

Our professional team won’t just come and set the system up for you, but also provide on-going monitoring and management of your phone systems. If you have any issues at all with your business telephone systems, or you need help and guidance with any aspect of our product, our dedicated team of experts is always at hand to help. 

And if you do require a call out, you can take comfort in the knowledge that we’re an Australian based company – so we’re never far away in times of need. Furthermore, there’s no fee whatsoever for this service.

So if you want to purchase a new business telephone system for your established company or start-up, ALINK is the trusted, professional company you’ve been looking for. 

Australia's Leading Provider of Business Phone Systems

Communications are one of the essential components of any successful business. In fact it is very clear that when communications are good, business is good. Just as clearly, when communications are bad, that can't possibly be good for your business.

Business phone systems come in many different forms, and it may be confusing trying to decide which are the best phone systems for business, which is why ALINK is here to help.

ALINK offers expert telecommunications advice and assistance to businesses of every size and category. We have phone systems for small business, and also for big business. Our business telephone systems are the best you will find in Australia.

Modern phone systems improve your bottom line

This is especially noticeable when it comes to telephone systems for small business. The thing about smaller businesses is that they don't have the luxury of having scored of people to answer inbound calls, so that job may fall entirely to just one person, or there may not be anybody specifically designated to answer incoming calls.

That can be a problem, because customers don't like waiting for service, and they don't like delays. Our smart small business phone systems overcome these problems by performing clever tricks.

When an inbound call is from a recognized number, it can be automatically routed to the correct person to handle the call. Customer records can be instantly retrieved and presented on screen before the call is even answered. Data about the call can be recorded for analytic purposes, which will help your business reports identify strategic possibilities you could be taking advantage of.

In every way, these phones are smarter than the phones you're currently using. They're actually smarter than smart phones. When you use our phones in your business, this makes your business better.

Save on call costs

Another clear advantage offered by ALINK business telephone systems is that your costs for outbound calls will most likely reduce significantly. For businesses that do international trade, this is a very big deal, because you will no longer have to pay huge costs for international calls.

But savings are available to all businesses, regardless of type and size. Most ALINK clients find their call costs are only a small fraction of what they used to be after installing one of our systems.

Get your business running better with ALINK

We can help you get the most of your business telephone system and, fittingly enough, you can get things started with a simple phone call. Contact ALINK today and learn more about the many benefits an ALINK business telephone system can bring to your business.

Our team can answer any questions you may have, and we'll be happy to send an information pack or consult with you in person. Nobody does communications better than ALINK, and that's why we're the best to help your business move forward with improved telephone technology.

With great products at great prices and help and support every step of the way, we’ll have the system you need set up in no time. Contact a member of our friendly team today to learn more about our products and services.

ALINK is Australia's leader in VoIP telephone systems. We specialise in VoIP business phone systems, 3CX phone systems, VoIP office phone systems, VoIP line systems and business phone systems.
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Don’t miss an important phone call ever again.

ALINK’s Business VoIP solution is not only dependable, flexible and responsive, but can also help to:

  • Reduce costs - using a traditional phone system is actually more expensive than simply routing calls through the Internet
  • Improve customer experience - with the help of features such as call forwarding, On Hold music, video conference, and so much more
  • Enhance employee productivity - no need for lengthy training as the system and interface is user-friendly

Choose the VoIP solution that fits your business needs.

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