Cloud Backup

What if your data disappeared overnight?

You need a secure offsite backup plan to ensure your data is there when you need it. Losing your data is more common than you may think. Business data can be compromised as the result of a flood, fire or hard drive meltdown – all of which result in significant costs and disruption to your business.

ALINK’s Cloud Backup safeguards your business by protecting your entire IT infrastructure. Get back to business quickly with our backup services. By engaging ALINK to install cloud backup for your business, you then enjoy the peace of mind knowing that all your hard work is being taken care of.

Protect your business data 24/7.

With our Cloud Backup service, not only is your data secured, you can also take advantage of:

From once a day all the way to every 15 minutes. Our powerful backup features will ensure that at least once a day, your data is being synced offsite to our data centres all day, every day, 365 days a year.
You can sleep safe and sound knowing that all your backups are being managed and monitored 24/7 and the ALINK team is only one call away. When something goes wrong, our monitoring software will alert us so we can proactively resolve the issue and backups can resume in no time. The risk of having an internal staff member looking after your backups is far too great to be reliable, and it just doesn’t work. With ALINK, it’s simple, easy and cost-effective.
ALINK is different and this helps prove our point. NO OTHER PROVIDER will offer unlimited storage per server*. But we do. *Conditions apply.
Whilst nothing in life is foolproof, this is as close as it gets. Because our backups are taking an image of all your data and operation systems on the fly as it is, this effectively means that if disaster strikes we will have a copy of your most recent backups. We are able to restore to our virtual infrastructure so you can be back up and running in no time at a location of your choice.

Reactive approach leads to repetitive disruption, short term fixes and constant frustration. Proactive approach leads to increased productivity, long term solutions and a happy team

Why take risks when there’s Cloud Backup from ALINK?

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