Our Helpdesk team knows your business inside out.

The ALINK helpdesk is available 24/7, staffed by the people you see here on the website who are located in Melbourne. They are the ones who will help you resolve your issues. Unlike other IT companies, we do not outsource our helpdesk overseas as it’s our core business.

Most importantly, our technicians will not only fix the problem, but they will clearly explain how they have fixed it. This way, we are teaching you and your team the IT fundamentals that will help to prevent the same issue arising in the future.

Your helpdesk. All day. Everyday.

The ALINK Helpdesk allows you to leverage the following:

Our local helpdesk team is a crucial part of our exceptional IT service, and our customers rely on the 24/7 phone help to get support issues fixed quickly and easily.
The ALINK Helpdesk team is always there and available, so when you have an IT Issue, help is only a phone call away irrespective of day and time. More importantly, our 24/7 services are affordable to your business.
All our technicians and engineers are qualified in their respective area of expertise, and all specialise in the small and medium business category, so they all know what to expect and what to advise.
ALINK is a one stop shop solution for complete support solutions. Plus, if you have a question about third-party hardware or software, we will call the vendor on your behalf – saving you the hassle of having to do the ringing around yourself.
We provide excellent service to our clients, regular client feedback via email and in person help to ensure we retain the same quality levels.
This are two of our highest values. Promptness is what a client wants when problems hit and business stops. Our average client call waiting time is under one minute. Professionalism is understanding your client’s requirements, and this is something we do extremely well.

Servicing our clients is our No.1 priority.

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