Mac Support

ALINK provides 24/7 Mac support for small and medium enterprises around Australia.

Whilst strictly speaking we are not an exclusive Mac shop, we understand that industry trends are changing and therefore so do we. So yes, if you are searching for a complete Apple Mac solution, we’re only a phone call away, or why not jump on our online chat and discuss with one of our consultants right away?

We also strongly believe that Apple’s recent OSX 10.11 El Capitan update makes for an important step in closing the gap further in the desktop market dominance by Microsoft.

If you would love to move to an iMac or Macbook, but still have that Windows application that just will not run on Mac, then we can help you easily make the move over and still run all your Windows apps seamlessly.

How? With help of the Parallels® Desktop, all of your Windows and Mac files will run in sequence. It’s that easy and simple!


Network Support

Troubleshoot network issues and install or replace hardware. Set up, support and optimise wired or wireless networks. Consult on the best practice set up including Business Class Backups.


Mac Support

Set up new machines and transfer data. Troubleshoot any problems or quirks. Third Party software installations and configuration including Windows programs.


Internet & Web Services Support

Website consulting, training, management and assistance. Web hosting, plans, setups and troubleshooting. Broadband plans, setups and troubleshooting.

Our Mac Support service is comprised of:

Your Mac will be managed and monitored 24/7 for any potential issues such as malware intrusions and backup failures.
Time Machine is a great backup utility, but it is not a business class solution that can ensure all your data is imaged locally. More importantly, it does not allow for automated cloud backups. Let us show you how simply this can be done.
We will come to you to assist with all your requirements. Our experienced technicians will ensure not only to resolve your issues but more importantly show you how and why it happened to avoid the same problems from reoccurring.
Our technicians are trained in all aspects of IT networking, having worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. But our real skill lies in assessing your specific business needs and coming up with a cost-effective solution that keeps all your employees connected.
You already have a Windows network and you wish to introduce an iMac or MacBook. We are certified Windows integrators in the field, we’ll show you how easy this can be done.

By removing the IT burden from your in-house team, Managed IT Services makes smart business sense. It delivers:

  • Better efficiency and productivity in your workplace
  • More reliable infrastructure
  • 24/7 access to our experienced technicians
  • Reduced costs.

If you have a Mac related enquiry please contact us on 1800-2-ALINK or click here for quick Mac support.

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