Office 365

Enterprise-grade email solution.

Are you looking for a reliable and secure email solution without the additional costs of software licenses and servers? Introducing Office 365.

The ALINK Office 365 service provides complete peace of mind and functionality that your emails are being looked after 24/7 with the highest grade software. Our Office 365 package requires no upfront investment, so you can scale your business. Scaling your mailbox and storage requirements is easy. The system also comes with email protection which will block more than 99% of spam, safeguarding your communication and information channels.

In addition to being hosted in Australia, Office 365 helps you to manage email clients across multiple devices on both PC and MAC. iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry devices are also covered.

office 365

Need new mailboxes, done. Need more storage, done. Don’t need either any more, done.

With Office 365 from ALINK, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Tailor your mailboxes to suit individual staff needs. Instantly create, move and upgrade mailboxes at any time using the simple online control panel. As your business changes, don't waste money paying for extra mailboxes or upgrades you don't need.
All your devices are automatically kept up to date with your email, contacts and calendar using ActiveSync. FREE for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.
While Outlook is the industry standard, you still have the freedom to use email clients such as Thunderbird, Entourage or Mac Mail. Any client which uses POP or IMAP can also work with Hosted Exchange.
Your data is located in our Australian data centres helping you meet regulatory requirements. Other companies keep your data offshore, resulting in slower transfer speeds and more waiting.

Take the hassle out of email hosting.

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