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In a highly globalized market, you need a versatile communications solution.

Still stuck in the traditional telephony system that cannot give you the competitive edge? Worried about how much you will spend in getting a new system? Or mounting phone bills starting to get out of hand? ALINK can help. Talk to us about getting enterprise level Business VoIP that will not break the bank.

We set up, monitor and maintain VoIP phone systems for businesses across New Zealand and Australia. This solution can lower expenditures and improve communications and collaboration for your organisation. All for a cost-effective price that fits right in your budget.
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The Best Office Phone Systems in Australia

Office phone systems are important to any business, especially in Australia where you could have clients many miles away across the country whom you’re seldom able to visit in person. 

VoIP office phone systems offer the most fluid communication method on the market, improving your business and your customer relations.

At ALINK, our VoIP office phone system is the simplest way to connect your business with your clients and customers. VoIP isn’t just reserved for multi-million dollar companies either, as we offer flexible plans built with different budgets in mind – perfect if you’re looking to install phone systems for a small office. 

The Benefits of an Office VoIP Phone System

A VoIP phone system can improve your business’ productivity and customer service, as VoIP phone systems connect all your staff and customers together completely effortlessly. 

And because they connect you through the internet instead of through traditional telephone outlets, you receive a more reliable service at a cheaper cost.

Great functions make it easy to offer the best customer service. Forwarding calls and putting people on holds made straightforward with the intuitive interface, so your customers won’t be putting the phone down in frustration while they wait for your customer service team to deal with their request. 

And because the software is so responsive and easy to use, your staff won’t require any training at all before they’re ready to start reaping the rewards of the investment.

Office VoIP systems for Affordability and Ongoing Support

If you are concerned about price then we can work out a plan that suits your needs and budget requirements. Phone systems for small offices have never been cheaper than they are now – and in the long term, instead of worrying about mounting bill costs, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you pay a fixed price for your plan.

And when you buy a VoIP office phone system with us, the product itself isn’t all you get: we will also set-up, monitor and maintain your office phone system. Our dedicated team of experts are always on hand to help you get to grips with your office VoIP phone systems, and – should you require it – a call-out will not cost you a single cent. 

Australia's Leading Provider of Office Phone Systems

Every business needs effective communications solutions, and in Australia you can get the best phone systems for a small office from ALINK. Our high quality VOIP office phone system will give you flawless telephony and also reduce your outbound call costs.

Not all office phone systems are equal, and it's important to make the correct choice. With an office VOIP phone system you can be certain of data integrity, which is a very important feature of VOIP systems, and most especially when you are considering phone systems for the office.

Why do I need special phones for the office?

There's a certain point in the maturation of your business where a regular telephone just isn't going to be sufficient. That's usually around the time you've added two or three employees, and what will normally be happening by that point is the number of inbound calls will increase.

A proper office phone system will allow calls to be routed properly, meaning that you as the senior business management need only deal with the most important calls. One of the essential tasks for any business leader is an ability to delegate lower priority tasks, so that you are free to concentrate on crucial business matters.

Why does my office phone system need to be a VOIP system?

Actually it doesn't. But VOIP provides you with many benefits in comparison to a regular telephone system. As already mentioned, VOIP can save you money on your outbound calls, because the VOIP system uses your internet connection to route your call instead of a telephone exchange.

Another benefit, and for some it may be an even more important one, is that you can integrate VOIP systems with CRM systems, which in turn opens up many possibilities. For example, depending on which software is used, the computer may be able to automatically retrieve customer data on an inbound call so your sales agent or customer service person knows who they'll be talking with before they pick up the phone.

You can also keep track of who calls and how often, the nature of the calls that you're receiving from your customers, and so on. Ultimately VOIP is a technology that makes management easier, helps improve customer relations, and potentially saves you money as well. So there are many good reasons to consider VOIP instead of regular phone systems.

Why should I buy my office VOIP phone system from ALINK?

We are the experts in VOIP telephone technology in Australia, and our systems are based on the very best of that technology you will find in this country. We can give you the right advice, help you choose a system that best meets your needs, and provide all the extra services you need such as installation, training, software integration, and more.

To find out more about these office phone systems, contact ALINK today.

Contact the Office VoIP Specialists today!

We are an Australian based company, so if you do need any help with your VoIP office phone systems, you’ll be able to speak to someone local. We can talk you through all there is to know about your new system and how it will work for your business.

So if you own a business in Australia or New Zealand and you’d like to make the excellent decision to invest in your telecommunications system, contact a member of our friendly team today to discuss how we can bring you the VoIP office phone system that will make communication easier and more affordable than ever.

ALINK is Australia's leader in VoIP telephone systems. We specialise in VoIP business phone systems, 3CX phone systems, VoIP office phone systems, VoIP line systems and business phone systems.
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Don’t miss an important phone call ever again.

ALINK’s Business VoIP solution is not only dependable, flexible and responsive, but can also help to:

  • Reduce costs - using a traditional phone system is actually more expensive than simply routing calls through the Internet
  • Improve customer experience - with the help of features such as call forwarding, On Hold music, video conference, and so much more
  • Enhance employee productivity - no need for lengthy training as the system and interface is user-friendly

Choose the VoIP solution that fits your business needs.

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